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William Elwood

When I think about a new project, I get inspiration from sources many and varied: leather objects found in second hand stores or in commercial catalogs or even seen on TV. These get reverse engineered into structural patterns that I apply to my large store of materials to come up with a transformed and attractive version. A favorite method of decoration is to take dye-able, impressionable vegetable tanned leather and emboss a line drawing into the surface, then paint it with leather dyes. My object is uniqueness.

William’s Biography

William Elwood has no formal training and is self-taught. Yet he strives for eye-appeal, uniqueness and, above all, quality. Anything he sells comes with an implicit guarantee of satisfaction. Not having any off spring, he views his creations as his children: he prepares them well for life in a difficult world, and then strives to find them a good home. He would just as soon keep them all with him, but, alas, there is just no room. So he sends them off with his blessing.