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Vi Laux

Prior to the composition of my art pieces, I have days of creating component parts that are incorporated into the art. Manipulating molten glass creates the stems, leaves, pods and much more of my creations. Small pieces of glass are hand cut and laid into place before placing into a kiln making all of the pieces melt into one. Many creations require multiple firing.

Vi’s Biography

Having grown up in the country of Bedford County , Vi has always found solitude in Nature. As you appreciate her art, whether it is a small whimsical piece or the larger art pieces, you will see that Vi is inspired by Nature. ” I still love roaming the woodland at the home where I grew up.” Vi’s greatest joy is when her art connects with your heart; Enough that you gift it to a friend or own one of her ‘artist ‘inspired pieces for yourself. Those are the art pieces that Vi says surprise her upon completion. “At times, I will critique a piece, and say….Did that come out of me? These are the pieces that are truly inspired from somewhere greater than myself.” “My gift from God.” Color & Light , Inspire Joy *He who works with his hands, his mind and his heart is an artist…St Francis of Assisi