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Thomas Bothe

Crystalline glazed stoneware fired to cone 11 in oxidation. Some pieces are post-fired in reduction. Added texture with iron wash or bronze glaze and sometimes used in combination with crystalline glaze.

Thomas’s Biography

I first touched clay at age 6 at the Everson Museum in Syracuse, NY. I didn’t touch clay again until I met Stephen Merritt where I took an evening pottery class at RIT in Rochester, NY. I then moved to Pittsburgh and had part time jobs while pursuing a life as a potter. I worked as a production potter for Earth Tones Pottery and an artist in residency at Manchester Craftsmen Guild. Five years later I started doing art shows and let go of the part time gigs. After 26 years I have been honored to receive many awards for my wood ash and crystalline glazed work and thankful to all those who have supported me all these years. For more info go to