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Stewart and Susan Webb

“It’s not only about what it is, but what is was”. Electronics, technology and art merge in all our recycled pieces. From wearable art to sculptures, we demonstrate an ever evolving way to make the invisible come to life. We invite you to go on a journey across time, from the early 1940’s to current technology. Using our lab equipment, artistic vision, and some help from our studio cats, the hidden beauty of vintage technology becomes visible in an artistic format. We strive to be Eco-friendly and take great effort to be as close as possible to 100% green.

Stewart and Susan’s Biography

We are self taught artists who began our work in different backgrounds and then merged our combined talents to create “ARTECO Studios”. Stewart has spent his life surrounded by a vast array of technology, ranging from physics to electronics. Working in metals and alloys, coatings and semiconductors, he continued to evolve his work with polymers and plasma enhancement, hot and cold fusion and vapor deposition. Lifelong dyslexia gave him the ability to look at life from a different perspective. Susan‘s background combines art history, psychology, website design and electronics. She began working in the mental health field, working with art and its rich history as a therapy for the individuals she counseled. During this time she began working with a large test and measurement company on the east coast as their website developer and graphic designer. This began a career move into electronics and equipment design. Our backgrounds merged 38 years ago. We were able to unite our knowledge of technology and art into a form that permits us to artfully recycle and repurpose high tech materials for the eco minded. Many of our designs play upon Susan’s art history background and evolve along the art deco style. Psychology is integrated into the philosophy of each piece, stimulating thought and encouraging the vision of technology in a different light. This fusion process utilizes aspects of technology, both harmoniously and obtusely, into a high tech new age folk art. Looking closely at the art, it is ever expanding like a fractal, magnifying the expressions reflected in the depth of each creation. Our collaborative efforts have allowed us to create items ranging from jewelry to sculpture, clocks to wall hangings, commissioned works, limited editions and “one of a kind” pieces. We start with the basic components of technology and break them down. Taking the bits, which could be computer chips, optics, hard drive platters, memory cores or aerospace components, along with vapor deposition and semiconductor technology, they are orchestrated into pieces of wearable art. Our clocks and sculptures are made from a plethora of these technologies. Resources to evolve this art extend as far back as the 1940’s, when electronics was in its infancy. From electron tubes through transistors to the first integrated circuits, we expand further with computer processors, navigational and aerospace components. A cornucopia of technology is captured and shown in a timeline of technology in our works. Being conscious of the environment, we make every possible attempt to us recycled and repurposed materials in not only our art by also our packaging and displays.