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Ron Korczynski

Joseph Campbell paraphrasing Kant states “the best things can’t be told because they transcend thought”. Those things we most enjoy cannot be explained: a flower blooming, the touch of a loved one’s hand, a baby’s smile. My experiences with my work are that way. I cannot properly put into words the feel of the clay in my hands, the growth of the pots as they change from a shapeless mass into a bowl, casserole or vase, the look of the dry glazes as I decorate, the touch and visual experience of the work as it comes from the kiln. I am at a loss when trying to explain the pleasure derived from seeing a vase holding flowers, a casserole being cooked in, bowls being used to serve or a platter simply being enjoyed visually. I want to make good pots for people to enjoy functionally, visually and tactually. The work is about Love.

Ron’s Biography

Ron Korczynski is a native of Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Masters Degree in Art Education. Ron taught Art in the public school system for 32 years. In his early years as a potter, Ron’s main body of work was functional stoneware pottery. However, for the past 20 years, he has been extensively involved with highly decorative and functional lowfire work. His use of color and design on each individual piece is quite elaborate. Ron’s work has been featured in Ceramic Design Book, 500 Bowls and most recently, Tea Pots and Collectors. Articles highlighting his work have appeared in Studio Potter, Pottery Making Illustrated and School Arts Magazine. Many of Ron’s creations are included in museums and private collections nationally and internationally. Amaco has added a large lowfire vase as part of their permanent collection and his work has appeared in many juried, invitational and one man shows. His work can be seen in approximately 20 galleries around the country. Ron and his wife, Judy, maintain a studio and gallery in their home in Pennsylvania.