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Robert Bishop

I am an artisan/woodworker, working primarily with various domestic and exotic hardwoods. My art is an exploration in wood that I will either hand select from a sawyer, or harvest and process on my own for projects. I pay special attention to design details, the creation, and the finishing process which results in a striking visual effect that often accentuates the naturally occurring pattern in the wood. The final piece is functional and decorative and can be used for placement, containment, or everyday use.

Robert’s Biography

Robert began designing, creating, and working with wood in 2006 mainly as a way to decompress from the stress of the corporate business world. He has a BFA in Communications-Graphics and his initial artistic concentration was on 2-D graphic design, drawing, and painting. When he isn’t harvesting wood with his chainsaw lumber-mill, Robert hand-selects specific species of wood at a sawmill for a project. He often uses wood that is highly figured or has an interesting grain pattern to obtain a striking visual effect. He will incorporate one or more secondary wood species, or introduce a stone, metal, or other non-wood component for a contrasting yet complimentary union of materials. Robert’s finishing process is as important as the wood species selection and his design process. It enhances the beauty of his projects as he pays special attention to each aspect. Every piece will have multiple coats of an oil-varnish to accentuate the naturally occurring pattern within the wood. The total end-result is a functional and decorative piece and that can be used for placement, containment, or simply everyday use. Robert is represented by several local art galleries and has exhibited in numerous art fairs and special exhibitions. He often gives presentations on his craft and teaches specialty woodworking classes. In addition to being a member of The Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh, Robert is also a member of the Western Pennsylvania Woodworker’s Association.