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Rick Malmström

My jewelry is constructed of Sterling Silver, using both traditional and contemporary techniques such as reticulation, rolling mill, and/or hammer-forging to create a range of textured surfaces on each piece. My designs are typically organic and asymmetrical in style, often incorporating semi-precious gems or Maine beach stones. For design inspiration, I am always drawn to the lines and angles of modern architecture, combining these with gentle, natural forms in the belief that “less is more.” In the end, complete hand-fabrication gives me great satisfaction because each of my pieces is a unique result of my own ideas, planning, skill and effort.

Rick’s Biography

A former schoolteacher, Rick has been designing and constructing Sterling Silver jewelry in Squirrel Hill for 20+ years. With no formal art education, Rick has learned his craft through workshops and classes with master jewelers around the country and through his own practice. Using ancient to modern methods of fabrication to design and construct jewelry that is subtle and delicate, or creating bolder, more avant-garde pieces that say “look at me,” Rick has an endless supply of motivation to spend hours at his benches.