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Richard Horner

Artist Statement I have lived all my life in Rimersburg, a small town in Western Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh. I use wood, hand-poured colored acrylics, clear acrylics, and various other materials to create one-of-a-kind writing instruments. Each item is hand turned on a lathe, sanded, polished, and assembled in my shop. Alligator jaw bones, shark vertebrae, pinecones, exotic and domestic woods are just some of the materials I use. Only high-quality metals and inks are used in the assembly. Custom orders are available.

Richard’s Biography

Artist Bio Richard Horner has lived in Rimersburg, a small town in Western Pennsylvania, located approximately half-way between Pittsburgh and Erie, all his life. After graduating from high school, he spent most of his adult life working with wood, either in a sawmill or a furniture factory. Woodworking became a hobby while working outside the industry, and soon his “hobby” became so much more. After being diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer in 2008, his pen hobby served as a steppingstone to recovery. He spent as much time in the shop as he could, trying the new techniques and styles he studied while resting and recovering. He has been perfecting his craft ever since, constantly learning new techniques, working on new styles, and experimenting with different materials. Exotic woods from around the world can be found in his shop right next to maple, walnut, cedar, and other domestic woods. Colored and clear acrylics are also available, some mixed with other elements to create interesting designs. Antler, alligator jaw bones, shark vertebrae, porcupine quills, snake skins, pinecones, and corn cobs can be seen in many of Horner’s creations as well. Stamps, decals, cigar labels, and logos can be added to pens to create mementos and unique gifts. Horner uses only high-quality metals and inks are used when assembling his pens. Horner continues to live in Rimersburg with his wife Linda. They have two grown daughters and three grandsons.