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Rebecca Jane Noble

There is a special magic to be found in handweaving one’s own highly-textured cloth. I am always pushing the limits of what can be done with my handwoven fabrics. Using multiple surface-design techniques sets my work apart from other handweavers. They accentuate the beauty of the weave structures: discharging to expose hidden colors and textures; over-dyeing to impart an added depth and dimension; painting and immersion dyeing to add an extra layer of interest. Every garment is made one at a time, by myself, in my studio. My newest foray into surface design has given me a heightened sense of creativity which I share with the women who wear my garments.

Rebecca Jane’s Biography

Rebecca has been a production hand-weaver for 45 years and counting! To be a hand-weaver is part of her being. Making the fabric from simple threads: sometimes dyeing those threads, or the finished piece, is reaching for the origin of woven cloth. Using natural plant-based fibers helps to integrate the fabric with the human body. There is nothing more satisfying than making something from the essential raw materials, and seeing it worn by the women who love it. Rebecca has exhibited in professional fine craft shows and galleries from coast to coast since 1975. She has won several awards. Her work is owned and loved by many Art-to-Wear collectors. Her passion for hand-weaving has never diminished, and her loom is always ready to weave more!!