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Paul Sirofchuck

Asymmetry plays an important role in my design of furniture, as a particular slab of wood will influence the shape of the table or casework. My fine woodworking pieces are assembled using dovetails, mortise-and-tenoned joints, and tongue-and-grooved panels. Each piece is then sanded and finished with a specially-formulated hand-rubbed oil or a clear spray finish.

Paul’s Biography

Woodworking, for me, is a way of life. I have a passion for the exploration of design and construction with this living material, and I find inspiration in the beauty of nature that surrounds my studio in the woods of western Pennsylvania. Formally trained as an architect, I value originality and beauty of form. My work in wood reflects the elegant union of rawness and refinement, crafted using traditional joinery techniques. I derive inspiration from a study or meditation upon the wood in its raw form. The uniqueness of each piece of wood is integral to my work. I strive not to obscure the essence of the material by using natural-edged wood elements, such as burls or figured slabs, or by sculpting the wood into fluid, flower-like forms, giving the patterns and quirks that define the wood prominence in the design.