Lynne Feinberg

In creating my wood constructions I make order of experience and emotion through a process that is absolutely intentional yet deeply intuitive. Working mostly with scraps of wood discarded by cabinetmakers or scavenged from odd sources, I seek to capture the energy and immediacy of drawing. Combining drawing with wood construction is downright exciting to me now. In all, shapes and colors meet to tell unexpected stories, incompletely revealed, harmonious on their own terms. Through the countless personal decisions and the physical processes required in creating my work I find power and peace, and it’s pretty much the most fun thing I do with my time.

Lynne’s Biography

Lynne Feinberg creates wall-mounted and free-standing wood constructions informed and expanded upon by her drawings in various media. She is lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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5873 Centre Ave., #410, Pittsburgh, PA. 15206