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Linda Sorcie Smith

Nature’s nuances of color in natural gemstones, and technology’s achievements of dichroic glass and metal clay – both of these provide me with focal pieces which I set with woven or sculpted wire settings to create highly unique, entirely hand-fashioned jewelry. I add my limitless curiosity and imagination to employ new techniques and effects, along with my delight in the colors and plays of light, and the result expresses my joy and gratitude for all that nature provides. Throughout my life, I kept returning to this jewelry making craft; it drew me back again and again. At last, I undertook the work seriously, and my last 14 years of jewelry design have enriched my life with studies of gemology, lapidary, metalworking, color and metaphysics. As I continue to learn and develop my personal style, I work to fulfill whatever destiny awaits me.

Linda Sorcie’s Biography

Linda “Sorcie” Smith has been working with beads and collecting new and old jewelry since her teenage years. It’s only since September of 1998, however, that she turned her hand to more serious jewelry making in the form of precious metal jewelry design. Originally self taught in her jewelry, Linda has found inspiration from many online jewelry professionals such as Preston Reuther and Eni Oken, and has more recently studied from nationally known artists such as Connie Fox, Dale “Cougar” Armstrong, Arlene Hildebrand, Jack Berry and Robbie “Metallique” Ward, as well as Arlene Fisch. Linda is a juried and charter member of the International Guild of Wire Jewelry Artists since 2005 and was accepted in 2006 as an artist member of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh. She has been accepted into the Naples Artcrafters in January 2018. She has written jewelry tutorials for Step By Step Wire Jewelry, June 2005 issue and Dec. 2005 online tutorial as well as for Reuther’s online website. Linda has taught jewelry making classes through the Community College of Beaver County and at her Facets of Light Studio in Bridgewater, PA.