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Linda Dujmic

My fiber work includes art quilts, quilted wall hangings, table runners and eco-printed silk scarves. Eco-printing is a form of natural dyeing and it has become my main focus. It involves direct contact printing that draws out pigments from plants and makes interesting marks on fabric. The process involves placing leaves and plant material on fabric, rolling the fabric around a dowel stick, securing with cord and steaming the rolled bundle. Unique patterns are produced depending on the plants that are used.

Linda’s Biography

Linda is a studio potter who has been working with clay for the past 30 years. She started taking pottery classes at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History with Valda Cox in 1990 and continued taking classes at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts for many years. She has also taken numerous workshops through the years at Touchstone Center for Crafts and other art centers throughout the country. These workshops provided her with the opportunity to grow and learn many techniques from professional potters such as Kevin Crowe, Malcolm Davis, Jack Troy and others. Since clay is a limitless medium for expression and experimentation, Linda continues to enjoy and perfect her craft. She produces both functional and decorative pieces using different firing techniques. Her imagery is mainly taken from nature with trees being the main focus. Linda’s started to work with fiber approximately 10 years ago. Her main interests are art quilting, natural dyeing and eco-printing. She has taken workshops here in Pittsburgh and also in Florida to learn various techniques. Because of her love of nature, eco-printing with leaves and plants became her focus. She continues to experiment with eco-printing on silk, wool and cotton to create scarves, quilted wall hangings and larger quilts.