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Laurie Leonard

My jewelry is made with miniature reproductions of my watercolor paintings used as the focal piece. The pewter settings are cast from models that I sculpt from air dry clay. My new silver work is hand fabricated using traditional jewelers tools such as a rolling mill, torch, press, hammers and other hand tools. I’ve also added semi precious gemstones to compliment the artwork focal pieces.

Laurie’s Biography

Laurie Leonard creates jewelry using reproductions of her watercolor paintings set under jewelry grade resin. She sculpts the models for her pewter settings using an air dry clay that dries hard enough to withstand the casting process. Her jewelry has been featured in the book ‘500 Art Necklaces’ as well as articles in ‘The Crafts Report’, ‘Lapidary Journal, Jewelry Artist’, and was a cover artist for ‘Sunshine Artist’. She was also a four time nominee for the ‘Niche Award’ and was honored with numerous design and art show awards over the years. Laurie’s new sterling silver jewelry line is hand fabricated using traditional metal smithing tools such as a rolling mill, press, torch and various hand tools. Laurie is mostly self taught with some mentoring from friends and lots of YouTube videos.