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Kim Breit

I have a studio that is filled with books, paper, magazines, scissors, craft knives and glue. I begin a collage by looking at all the binders and books that I have collected. I choose a character and setting and I begin to cut. I layer the pieces with structure to build the story. I take many pictures during the process so that I can compare different ideas. I build each piece on handmade paper as a interesting background and it is presented in a shadow box. The thought behind the 3 dimensional work is to look more closely and discover something unexpected. I have the same feelings about our society. The connection between people and my work is that we need to be open to all the layers we have and explore them.

Kim’s Biography

Raised in Pennsylvania , Kim Breit lives in Pittsburgh where she creates 3 dimensional collages. To begin her collages she uses any paper that can help her tell a story. She searches for a main character and uses pictures to build a scene. “ I get a thrill sitting down and leafing through my notebooks searching for that character or flower or butterfly that will start the story. The collages almost never finish where they started. Their stories evolve which I love being a part of.” Each piece is multi-layered and 3 dimensional and presented in shadow boxes which enhances the depth of each piece. She also creates tunnel books using the same approach. These pieces have depth and what appears to be movement. Her books have a theme and ,like the collages, engage you completely. The driving force behind her work is the parallel between a 3 dimensional collage and everyday people. These collages are meant to be looked at carefully, discovering new elements and evoking a direct link to people’s many layers and complexities. Kim’s collages and books are intricate and one of a kind. Her work is another interpretation of the time honored tradition of storytelling.