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Katy DeMent

“New into old, old into new, I’m weaving together remnants of the past and present to preserve the rich textures of life for the future”. For my entire life I have been a working artist, organic gardener, and bee follower. I create handmade paper as a means to an end. Paper art works take the form of: art lighting, shadow box, stationary, books and sculptures all crafted from sustainably collected plants, recycled and invasive fibers. Each piece is a vignette that holds a visual narrative. Through layers of vintage ephemera, photos and bits of cloth, tales are told. When etched images are included the dialogue begins. Toys, natural and found objects punctuate the story. No material is arbitrary; I am influenced by overlooked materials found in my community, my own back yard. Rusty old tools are mashed together with deconstructed plants; this is where I find humor, combining these unlikely fellows. Often my works invite the

Katy’s Biography

Artist, certified teaching artist and a papermaker DeMent’s workshops are STEAM centered, sustainability focused and hands on. Harvesting materials from the waste stream to demonstrate water systems and creatively illustrate environmental situations through well crafted visual narratives, dement has been a teaching Artist for over 25 years shareing her self taught processes with students of all ages. DeMent uses old fashion gardeners intuition to grow and harvest fibers for papermaking , collecing insperation and pigments from nature through out the season. Playful kinetics bring creepy paper skinned charicters to life . Utalizing Crankies, a form of panoramic story telling, DeMent illustrates environmental issues as well as speculative histories as they scrool by manipulated by hand.