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Kathryn Carr

My whimsical paper cut silhouettes convey a hint of nostalgic illustration and may evoke a memory or stir an emotion in the viewer. The characters are born from sketches on paper and then by skillful cutting the paper away, they develop their own identities. I love how the simplicity of the silhouette holds within it such hidden complexities.

Kathryn’s Biography

Kathryn Carr has focused her talents on the art of paper cutting since 2008. She turned her attention towards this art form because she was drawn to the bold imagery of the paper cut silhouette and the intriguing shadows they cast. She is self-taught in this discipline and loves to experiment with new materials and techniques. She is inspired by the German paper cut art Scherenschnitte (pronounced: sharon-SNIT-tah) and how it portrays everyday life in silhouette form. Kathryn likes the challenge of reproducing her art in a wide variety of ways. Her art can be seen as shadow puppets, lampshades, miniature theaters, and thaumatropes to name a few. She has a line of greeting cards and prints that are sold nationwide. Her art can be seen in children’s books and music album covers. She also enjoys teaching paper cutting classes and making little short animated films.