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Janet Brum

Being creative is the best part of each day. Persistence, patience and careful attention to each step of the process are the ingredients I feel are essential to achieve my desired goal of producing jewelry that possesses lasting quality and unique character with special focus on detail.

Janet’s Biography

Working with high karat Gold, Argentium Silver and precious gemstones, Janet Brum creates contemporary jewelry in her Greensburg, PA studio.  Janet is self taught and utilizes both traditional and contemporary jewelry making techniques and equipment.   Her jewelry is completely hand fabricated from sheet, wire and tube stock and often combines both Argentium Silver and Gold in the same piece of jewelry as well as subtle textures and contrasting surface finishes. Akoya and South Sea Pearls, diamonds, sapphires and opals are some of her favorite gemstones to incorporate into rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings in her one of a kind and limited edition jewelry. Janet juried into The Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh in 2013 and served as Vice President of the Guild from 2017-2021.  She continued to serve on the Board until 2023.