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Jamie Murphy

Art isn’t a choice, it’s a gift. I crisscross ideas on color and design from my training as a 2-dimensional artist & translate it to 3-dimensional art in the form of my bags. The natural beauty marks, grains and edges of full grain leather inspire the designs of each handmade bag. Using premium full grain leather hides is similar to using the finest fabrics for garments; the draping, the thickness and the softness of the leather goes into the design process. I use premium full grain cowhide to make my bags, because it is the best and most durable leather. Smaller, unlined bags are made without patterns and are inspired by the uniqueness of each hide. I have designed patterns for larger bags, which are lined with a polyester silk. Most of the stitching is done on an industrial sewing machine, and loose threads are hand-stitched and knotted. Each bag is serialized in order of production. All of my bags are thoughtfully made.

Jamie’s Biography

With a concentration in painting, Jamie received a BA from the University of Pittsburgh, Painting was her passion until she touched leather. Working in leather allowed her to translate her training in 2-dimensional art into 3-dimensional leather art. She finds that being a fabric artist has different freedoms than painting; an addictive process in a very unforgiving medium. She see designs in her leather, as she was able to see ideas on a blank canvas. Crisscrossing ideas of colors and designs make up the foundation of her business. The organic edges and qualities of full grain hides inspire her designs which are dynamic and always evolving. All bags are designed and made by jamie, under the name of Luna Jaze. .