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Diane Wilson

My jewelry is hand formed from porcelain and stoneware clay. I roll the clay out with a rolling pin, then cut it into shapes. Texture is added using things like leaves, fossils, or antique buttons. After they dry, the pieces are cleaned, then fired in the kiln. I use glazes and underglazes to create the underlying color, then kiln fire the pieces to approximately 2300 degrees. Before the final firing, I add luster and sometimes gold or platinum to achieve the iridescent look of my jewelry. I like to add stone, crystal or glass beads to complement the glaze colors. All earring wires are hypo-allergenic, made from nickel free sterling silver, niobium, or 14k gold filled wire.

Diane’s Biography

Diane Wilson has been creating and selling her ceramic jewelry for over 30 years. Born and raised on the West Coast, she has been strongly influenced by the Pacific Ocean, California desert and forests of the Northwest. An avid interest in Mexican, Asian, Indian and Celtic cultures is also apparent in her work. Diane had ceramics training at Grossmont College in San Diego, Ca.