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Dan Brockett

My baskets are made from natural materials that are grown/sourced locally, and each one is handcrafted with the intent of lasting a lifetime. I raise perennials of all kind at my home, Foggy Blossom Farm, but agriculture has never been my only passion. As someone who finds solace in the escapism of tactile crafts, I’ve spent the last 20+ years looking for one that would stick. After coming up short time and time again, I finally found one hiding in plain sight. I first began growing willow before I knew it could be woven. When I discovered the rich history and vast possibilities of willow weaving I felt an immediate connection to the plant that has grown to be my co-creator. My baskets are influenced by traditional techniques, but also are increasingly shaped by my own relationship to the medium itself. Together we aim to tell the story of how sustainable materials have intrinsic value in both creative and domestic spaces.

Dan’s Biography

Dan Brockett creates handwoven baskets from willow grown on his 12 acre property, Foggy Blossom Farm, in Leechburg, PA. He began weaving in 2018 and has primarily focused on traditional techniques including stake and strand, Zarzo, and rib-style weaves. As a grower turned self-taught artist, there is an element of companionship with, and reverence for, his material that permeates every project. From choosing the willow varieties he plants to eventually harvesting and selecting each rod for a specific basket, Dan’s desire to be in relationship with all aspects of his craft is the driving force behind his work.