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Cosmik Jest

In my stained glass artwork, I am trying to process my life through the exploration of sacred motifs. I have a background in stained glass restoration but in my personal practice I am currently exploring more modern applications of kiln-fired enamels, as well as building in three dimensions using different metal materials.

Cosmik’s Biography

Cosmik Jest (creative project of Alex Neal) is about laughing in the face of chaos and finding the joy despite the pain. It is always trying to acknowledge the hypocrisies of the world and in each of us. If deep pain and suffering can exist, then so can the equal and opposite force — so CJ asks, “How can we disarm the power of whatever oppresses us?” whenever possible. It is trying, always, to transmute pain into a deep, visceral, joyful experience. Court jester in the time of revolution! The mediums that they are currently exploring are leaded glass, enamel paint, and mixed metals. In general, they push the more sculptural elements of stained glass methods, and use traditional restoration processes in original works. Inspiration for their art comes directly from their daily interactions with the city and its people, whether it is in conversation or visual motif. Found objects and collected conversations are central to their works, but they are most inspired by direct interactions with their community, both creative and personal, here and afar.