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Christina Roselle

At 16 I sold 75 rabbit fur purses to customers just by wearing them and then getting orders. I now take the knowledge of design, patternmaking, and construction I learned with my degree at The School of Fashion Design in Boston and put it into the bags that are made to last for years. Hating the idea of waste, some of the components of bags are given, found, and rescued which often dictate the style. The pottery bead I make and the leather tassel define the signature look.

Christina’s Biography

Christina lives in the Pittsburgh area, though grew up in Seattle, and has lived in several major cities. After graduating from the School of Fashion Design in Boston she worked in NYC as the Designer for Pierre Cardin Handbags and also Ronay. Later on she moved into the position of Liaison to Calvin Klein and Omega Fashions, the belt and handbag manufacturer. Traveling to Europe on a buying trip she met and chatted with Pierre Cardin and in NYC worked directly with Calvin Klein and his design team. Christina has raised her son in Pittsburgh and continues in her own business as handbag and accessory designer and manufacturer. She dislikes waste so much that she is always on the lookout for interior design fabrics, vintage and antique carpet, worn denim jeans, and other fabrics with character. Leather plays an important part in her bags along with brass and nickel hardware. Pottery has been an artistic outlet in Christina’s life and she now makes the beads used on the zipper pulls. Rarely are two bags the same due to the size of the fabric samples and other components. So, enjoy the uniqueness, durability, and workmanship in each of Christina’s bags.