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Cheryl Brooks

My jewelry is made using a combination of techniques. Some pieces are fully hand fabricated, meaning that the piece is constructed completely from small pieces of metal sheet and wire soldered together, then sanded, polished and set with a gemstone. Others are made with both hand fabrication and one-of-a-kind casting of plant material. Some of the main stones are custom cut for me by my husband! I draw energy and inspiration from the beauty of my surroundings. Traditional European techniques are wedded to modern design to form unique and graceful jewelry.

Cheryl’s Biography

Cheryl has been producing fine gold jewelry at her studio in Central Pennsylvania for thirty-five years. She studied with Jan Frijters, a master goldsmith from the Netherlands, who was teaching at his institute in Huntingdon, PA. Cheryl enrolled in his school, and after a year as his apprentice, she started to create her own line of fine jewelry. Since then, she has taken classes in jewelry rendering (the exact scale reproduction of jewelry designs on paper), advanced stonesetting, jewelry casting and most recently, earned a gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America.