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Carole Hodes

I design both functional wheel thrown pieces (decorated with colored slips and Sgraffito); and hand built pieces (decorated with antique Japanese imprints and ash glazes).

Carole’s Biography

Inspired by a pottery demonstration, by S. Hamada , a Japanese Living Treasure, I began working in clay over 45 years ago. I design and handcraft functional pieces and jewelry, using Sgraffito, imprints colored porcelain and silver inlays, and ash glazes. I have exhibited in regional and national juried shows. My work has been exhibited in numerous art fairs, galleries and museum shops, including the museum of Composition and Design in NYC. I have had a one person show, taught on a college level, juried for art shows, and leagues, and demonstrated extensively. I served on the standards committee and was a longtime member of advisory board of the Three Rivers Art Festival. My goals are to create aesthetically pleasing functional pieces and jewelry using color and texture that people will not only love using, or wearing, but looking at, as well.