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Bonnie Hedden

I am a fabricator employing traditional metalsmithing techniques such as stone-setting, forging, roll-printing and Keum-boo (gold foil diffused over silver). I use sterling silver, argentium silver and gold in my pieces, blending oxidized sterling silver with shiny silver & gold to create pronounced contrasts. I add precious and semi-precious stones for accent.

Bonnie’s Biography

Bonnie Hedden is a North Central Pennsylvania based jewelry artist who creates individually handcrafted pieces by use of traditional metalsmithing and wire working techniques. Her expertise lies in creating striking contrasts between metals, achieved through the use of patina and mixed metals such as silver and high karat gold. Her signature pieces are further enhanced by the precious and semi-precious gems she hand selects. With over two decades of experience, Bonnie has exhibited her jewelry at fine art and craft venues along the Northeast, expanding her reach to venues across the South as well. Her jewelry has been worn and enjoyed by clients all over the globe.