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Anita Kozinko

Collections are a reflection of the soul, and I have collected all my life – from primitive antiques to vintage jewelry. So it would seem natural for me to collect Swarovski crystals, gemstones, cabochons, and buttons. These collections are what I draw upon to create my bead embroidered jewelry and objects. I love the look of vintage filigree and the lush sparkle of crystals. These are the components that make my pieces unique. I believe we all have creativity within us, we just need the right medium, inspiration, and positive encouragement to find what we love to do. My everyday mantra is to be humble, love life, and sparkle like Swarovski AB2X!

Anita’s Biography

Anita can be found everyday at either of her two studios, one at home and the other where she teaches- Birch House Art Studio. She began her bead embroidered journey 15 years ago when she wandered into a bead store. Ever since that first bead encounter, she hit the ground running! Using needle and thread to place each bead into her art pieces, she creates necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Recently, using vintage jewelry, antique buttons, and lots and lots of Swarovski crystals, Anita embarked on creating large bead embroidered objects. These pieces have made their way into her heart and future. Her work can be seen at, and her teaching studio at