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Amy Toohey

I create woven wire and wire wrapped gemstone jewelry, using various techniques and materials for unique pieces of wearable art. The stones I use are selected not only for their intrinsic beauty, but for their metaphysical properties. I usually start a piece with a fragment of an idea, and finish by letting the stone “speak” to me as to my design, with the goal that when it is completed, the piece will speak to you.

Amy’s Biography

Amy Toohey has always loved her sparklies. To support her expensive habit, she starting making her own jewelry about 10 years ago, and starting working with wire a about 7 years ago, progressing to weaving wire six years ago. She is largely self-taught, with help from books, tutorials and YouTube. While she has been teaching this art for five years, she has a history of teaching wheat weaving and needle crafts that spans over 30 years.