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Amelia Kieras

I use digital collage to create images that explore the relationship between storytelling and reality. I am interested in the changeability of memory and perception: everything that we see and think about is filtered through a mind filled with preconceived ideas, fears, fantasies, and stories. To make my images, I turn my surreal sketches into ink drawings, layer photographic texture on top, and then digitally paint to blend it together. Once the images are complete, I turn them into multilayered shadow boxes, pop up cards, and picture books.

Amelia’s Biography

Amelia Kieras is a paper artist and illustrator living in Dormont, PA. She received a BFA in Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. While at school she focused on photo manipulation and retouching, and started to explore combining her sketches with her photography. After finishing school, she lived for 10 years in Chicago, and while there started to experiment with adding depth to her flat illustrations with layered paper cut outs and pop up structures. Since moving to Pittsburgh in 2015, Amelia has been enjoying becoming part of a new art community, showing her work at various art festivals, teaching workshops, and making new work in her home studio.