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Alyssa Sineni Truckenbrod

For many years, I’ve made art jewelry; one of a kind, sculptural pieces which are hand fabricated with techniques in use for centuries. Metal is a bit of a beast, but it is also a true mentor, a friend and of course a task master. There is a visceral healing quality to making art that is inherent in my work. All of the work has on some level movable parts. There is an internal order within the movement that speaks of both strength and vulnerability. Connection, space and disconnection, the relationships are tenuous, but contingent on each other.

Alyssa’s Biography

Alyssa Sineni is an artist and writer. For many years she has concentrated on metals in the form of art jewelry. Inspired by nature, her work uses the symbolic language of form, texture and patina to evoke feeling and emotion. It has been said that her small sculptures are like stories, which create a dialogue with the viewer. The interactive possibilities of art have further inspired Alyssa to create larger, multi-media pieces that incorporate her writings. Alyssa is a member of the Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange, The Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh, and The Pittsburgh Society of Artists. In addition, she works as the Director of Programming and Community Outreach for, Art and Inspiration International, a non-profit, which celebrates artists and writers.