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Allison Glancey

We illustrate, design, & hand pull our silkscreen prints in our studio the old fashioned way one color layer at a time with care and craft. We use non-toxic water based acrylic inks & post-consumer content recycled paper. Our materials are all American made & environmentally conscious.

Allison’s Biography

strawberryluna’s creative process is varied, as Allison & Craig allow the spark of life to take up residence whenever, and however it comes – whether on long road trip, during a dog walk in a park, or even over dinner. They are constantly considering new art print ideas from this openness to the world around us. Their main inspirations are nature, natural forms, and modern aesthetics with bold color and clean designs that capture the eye immediately. The way they approach their work is simple: A love of clean, modern, fresh and accessible design and artwork that appeals to those who consider themselves well-educated in art & design, as well as those who simply “Like what they like”. strawberryluna feels a strong kinship to the Mid-Century Modern belief that good design and art should be an everyday possibility, available to everyone, for every home.