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Apply for Membership

Please review the qualifications and benefits of membership of our Guild.  If you are interested in becoming a juried member, click on the button at the bottom of the page which will take you to the online form to begin your application process.


Where and When

The screening is scheduled for 10:30 AM, Sunday, November 17, 2024. 

The screening location:  Pittsburgh Center for Arts & Media, 1047 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232    ( Yellow Annex Building )  ( photos at the bottom of this page )

All applicants will need to drop off 6 pieces of artwork to be juried. If your work is heavy and needs two people for drop off, you should plan on bringing someone to assist you. Tables will be provided and you should plan on arriving no later than 10:30 a.m.

Application deadline is midnight, November 11, 2024.

The jury process takes approximately 3-4 hours. Please note: No one except the jurors will be permitted on-site during the screening. Pick up will begin at 3:00 unless you get notified that it is going to be later. You should be available for return within a reasonable amount of time (15-20 minutes). If the door is closed, please wait until we open because we may still be working. Make sure we have your cell phone number when you leave so we may contact you.

You will be notified within a week regarding acceptance or rejection. No information will be given at pick up.

What to Bring

Six pieces of your original artwork produced within the past three years.  Pieces selected should be a cohesive body of work and be representative of your personal style. Tables will be available for your work if needed.

When selecting the 6 pieces of your work for consideration, please keep in mind the three criteria that we use to jury prospective members.

Technical Competence and Craftsmanship:

Applicants should submit 6 pieces which best represent their mastery of their chosen medium.  Within the submissions, fit and finish, or how well a piece is completed, is greatly considered. These 6 pieces can be different than the photos you uploaded to your application.

Design Composition, Professional Presentation, Sensitive Use of Materials:

Submitted pieces should be well designed and represent principles of good design such as harmony, unity, balance, etc.

Originality and Creativity:

All submissions should be of the applicant’s original works, from their own original designs. They should exhibit the maker’s individual artistic expression. Furthermore, although the pieces don’t have to match one another, they should represent the maker’s singular voice.

When selecting your six pieces for screening, try to show the range of your ability without being too scattered. It is important to the judges that one person created the work and that as an artist, you are developing an individual and cohesive style.  For example, if you are a potter, you would want to show that you can make a range of forms, by possibly showing a teapot, casserole, platter, etc.

How to Apply

Complete the online application (button at the bottom of this page).  We are unable to accept walk-in applicants the day of the screening.

Deadline to apply is midnight, November 11, 2024


The Guild will provide tables for display of work to be screened. Two artists may be sharing a table.  The tables are work tables so you may want to bring a piece of cloth or paper on which to place your work.  You may use sculpture stands or backdrops if you have them, but they are not necessary.  Although we think your display is extremely important at our events, during the screening we are only looking at your work.

Do not bring any business cards, brochures, exhibit announcements or any other promotional materials.

Please know that this is a very competitive process and our jurors are the guild members that we consider the most knowledgeable in their craft.  Many of our members received acceptance into the guild after many screenings and did so after applying our constructive criticisms to their work.  

If you cannot make this screening in person, you can have someone else drop your work off and pick it up.  You can also contact Laurie Leonard to make arrangements to drop your work off or mail to one of the board members that will be at the screening.  If you are doing it that way, please note that you are accepting all risks although we will handle your work as we would our own.  Also if mailing, you will be asked to put in a postage paid mailing label with whatever insurance you are comfortable with included. 

Cost to Apply

There is a $25 non-refundable application fee.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions, please email Laurie Leonard (


The Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh represents a long-standing tradition of excellence in artistry and craft for over 70 years.  Our membership is comprised of artists/craftspeople living within 200 mile radius of Pittsburgh. The jurors are members of The Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh and are knowledgeable in their chosen medium.  Work is evaluated on craftsmanship, artistry, design, originality and creative use of materials.  

Benefits of Membership

All members in good standing of The Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Automatic acceptance into The Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh’s annual arts festival A Fair in the Park (AFIP)

  • Representation on our website with your own personalized artist page


Any artist/craft person who works in any three-dimensional craft medium, as well as certain two-dimensional mediums including fiber and handmade paper arts, may apply (we do not accept 2D painters as members; however, they are welcome to apply to our A Fair in the Park).  You must also live within a 200-mile radius of the following address: 1047 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232. Please use Google Maps to see if you meet the criteria. All work must be conceived, designed and created entirely by the applicant.  No work made totally or partially from kits or pattern books will be considered.

Current Guild members in good standing may screen into the Guild under a second medium at no charge.  If accepted, your annual dues will cover all screened mediums.  Applications for AFIP will require two seperate applications and applicable fees.

Jewelry is considered its own medium. If you exhibit any jewelry at AFIP, regardless of the material with which it is made, you MUST be screened into the Guild in jewelry or you MUST submit a second application for AFIP (and a second application fee) in the jewelry category.

Set your Maps to 1047 Shady Avenue.  The screening will be held in the UPPER FLOOR of the yellow annex building (circled) (see arrows).

You can pull off of Shady Avenue into either parking area.

If you need to use your dolly, park behind the building with the orange shutters and dolly over to the yellow Annex Building via the sidewalk. If you are able to carry your work up a few steps, you can park beside the yellow annex building.