Membership Dues

There are many benefits of being a Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh member!

Among them are:

● ‘Auto in’ to ‘A Fair in the Park’ and other ‘pop up’ type shows and the opportunity to

participate (we are trying) in any of our juried events.

● Eligibility to participate in certain exhibitions at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

● Monthly (we try) newsletter with information about the guild, upcoming opportunities for

artists and members’ news.

● Access to our PRIVATE facebook page:

● Annual ‘Spring membership meeting’ (date will be announced)

● Opportunities for ‘meet-ups’ and social interaction with other artists (we are trying to do

more of these)

● A $15 discount on an Individual or Family Membership at the Pittsburgh Center for the


● A $25 discount on an Artist Membership with the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.

We also encourage our members to volunteer and help us put on the most respected art show in Pittsburgh (in our opinion!). We want to offer our heartfelt gratitude to the members who helped us this year with a shout out here:

Anders Anderson

Connie Blair

Thomas Boothe

Cheryl Brooks

Janet Brum

Erin Carlson

Kathryn Carr

Linda Dujimic

Edric Florence

Allison Glancey

Juliane Gorman

Mitzi Hall

Justin Harvilla

Richard Horner

Don Jones

Leslie Kaplan

Joy Knepp

Anita Kozinko

Karen Kreiger

Maria Kyros

Vi Laux

Laurie Leonard

Stephanie Lind

Karen McKee

Jamie Murphy

Rebecca Noble

Bernie Pintar

Artie Reitmeyer

Robert Riffe

Michelle Sabol

David Schwartzmiller

Nancy Smeltzer

Melissa Sullivan

Amy Toohey

Diane Wilson

Amanda Wolf

We truly could not function without our volunteers! For Volunteering you get:

Your 2019 dues are waived.

Premium parking at the fair

Space request given top priority (if we can)

Our undying gratitude

If you are on the list above…




If any of your personal contact information has changed so our records are updated.

The board would also like to give a shout out for NON MEMBERS that helped out at the fair:

Michael Schiavone

Ray Becker

David Montgomery

Cliff McKee

Peter Kaplan

And all of the non member artists that came to our aid in the panic after closing the fair. We

appreciate that you did that even though you have ‘no skin in the game’. You guys rock