Be apart of the the Pittsburgh Filmmakers and PCA artist Committee!

Guests are welcome to attend our next meeting this Thursday Jan 26th at 7:00 at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.


PF/PCA Artist Committee: Key Role & Objectives
The Artist Committee is a permanent committee of the PF/PCA, established in the by-laws (May 2, 2016).
The Artist Committee is charged with providing guidance and insight to the PF/PCA Board of Directors,
helping to ensure that the organization continues its mission and remains committed to serving artists in
Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.
In order to fulfill its intended purpose, the Committee will:
1. Submit nominations for the PF/PCA Board of Directors to the Board Nominating Committee.
This will ensure representation on the Board by individuals who participate in and understand the day-to day
workings of the organization and/or its larger relationship to the regional and national arts communities.
● The Artist Committee will submit 3 nominees to the PF/PCA Board nominating committee for their
consideration each year.
● Board of Directors must consist of a minimum number of Directors from Artist Committee nominees
as outlined in the PF/PCA By-Laws (May 2, 2016)
2. Establish its own rules for governance and participation in the Artist Committee. Tasks to
achieve this goal are:
● Determine and adapt guidelines and procedures for governance and operation of the committee.
● Consist of a minimum of nine(9) members composed of Access/Artist members and other local
artists who participate in PF/PCA programs and/or artists with an interest in the Mission.
● Meet a minimum of four (4) times per year .
● Publish advance notice of its meetings and its minutes on the PF/PCA website.
● Identify and elect future Artist Committee members from within and outside PF/PCA who will
support PF/PCA mission and contribute to growth and sustainability of the organization.
3. Provide feedback to the Staff and Board of PF/PCA in order to better serve our mission. Tasks to
achieve this goal are:
● Gather feedback and ideas from key stakeholders
● Help inform the strategic vision of the organization
● Provide a written report of recommendations to the Board of Directors for presentation by the Board
Vice President.
4. Integrate PF/PCA into the larger arts community in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. Two tasks in
this regard are:
● Participate and Network : Committee members become involved in events and happenings
sponsored by PF/PCA and other organizations to create new connections and maintain
relationships community wide.
● Develop and expand audience : Committee members reach out to people who will benefit from our
classes, exhibits, and artist services.
January 22, 2017