Membership Dues

There are many benefits of being a Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh member!

Among them are:

● ‘Auto in’ to ‘A Fair in the Park’ and other ‘pop up’ type shows and the opportunity to

participate (we are trying) in any of our juried events.

● Eligibility to participate in certain exhibitions at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

● Monthly (we try) newsletter with information about the guild, upcoming opportunities for

artists and members’ news.

● Access to our PRIVATE facebook page:

● Annual ‘Spring membership meeting’ (date will be announced)

● Opportunities for ‘meet-ups’ and social interaction with other artists (we are trying to do

more of these)

● A $15 discount on an Individual or Family Membership at the Pittsburgh Center for the


● A $25 discount on an Artist Membership with the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.

We also encourage our members to volunteer and help us put on the most respected art show in Pittsburgh (in our opinion!). We want to offer our heartfelt gratitude to the members who helped us this year with a shout out here:

Anders Anderson

Connie Blair

Thomas Boothe

Cheryl Brooks

Janet Brum

Erin Carlson

Kathryn Carr

Linda Dujimic

Edric Florence

Allison Glancey

Juliane Gorman

Mitzi Hall

Justin Harvilla

Richard Horner

Don Jones

Leslie Kaplan

Joy Knepp

Anita Kozinko

Karen Kreiger

Maria Kyros

Vi Laux

Laurie Leonard

Stephanie Lind

Karen McKee

Jamie Murphy

Rebecca Noble

Bernie Pintar

Artie Reitmeyer

Robert Riffe

Michelle Sabol

David Schwartzmiller

Nancy Smeltzer

Melissa Sullivan

Amy Toohey

Diane Wilson

Amanda Wolf

We truly could not function without our volunteers! For Volunteering you get:

Your 2019 dues are waived.

Premium parking at the fair

Space request given top priority (if we can)

Our undying gratitude

If you are on the list above…




If any of your personal contact information has changed so our records are updated.

The board would also like to give a shout out for NON MEMBERS that helped out at the fair:

Michael Schiavone

Ray Becker

David Montgomery

Cliff McKee

Peter Kaplan

And all of the non member artists that came to our aid in the panic after closing the fair. We

appreciate that you did that even though you have ‘no skin in the game’. You guys rock

Touching Earth: Women Creating Communities

 Associated Artists member Ceil Sturdevant invites you to attend a ceramic art show she is curating in Carnegie, PA.

Touching Earth: Women Creating Communities, an exhibition curated by Ceil Sturdevant to be held at the Carnegie Coffee Company 132 E Main St Carnegie, PA. The venue was the former Carnegie Post Office. 

Overall dates of show: March 3- 17, 2018   


Hours: Monday - Saturday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m., and Sunday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Map to venue:

Public Reception: A reception will be held Friday, March 16 from 6 - 8 p.m.

The exhibit will be up before and during the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Conference (NCECA) in Pittsburgh. Dates of the NCECA conference will be - March 14 to 18. Over 5000 are expected to attend this conference.

.Touching Earth: Women Creating Communities was awarded a Heinz Endowment: Small Arts Initiative  that helped fund their participating national artists and other needs for staging the exhibition. 

There will also be a high school student generated clay works exhibit on the first floor of the  venue Carnegie Coffee Company.

Read more at website:

Be apart of the the Pittsburgh Filmmakers and PCA artist Committee!

Guests are welcome to attend our next meeting this Thursday Jan 26th at 7:00 at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.


PF/PCA Artist Committee: Key Role & Objectives
The Artist Committee is a permanent committee of the PF/PCA, established in the by-laws (May 2, 2016).
The Artist Committee is charged with providing guidance and insight to the PF/PCA Board of Directors,
helping to ensure that the organization continues its mission and remains committed to serving artists in
Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.
In order to fulfill its intended purpose, the Committee will:
1. Submit nominations for the PF/PCA Board of Directors to the Board Nominating Committee.
This will ensure representation on the Board by individuals who participate in and understand the day-to day
workings of the organization and/or its larger relationship to the regional and national arts communities.
● The Artist Committee will submit 3 nominees to the PF/PCA Board nominating committee for their
consideration each year.
● Board of Directors must consist of a minimum number of Directors from Artist Committee nominees
as outlined in the PF/PCA By-Laws (May 2, 2016)
2. Establish its own rules for governance and participation in the Artist Committee. Tasks to
achieve this goal are:
● Determine and adapt guidelines and procedures for governance and operation of the committee.
● Consist of a minimum of nine(9) members composed of Access/Artist members and other local
artists who participate in PF/PCA programs and/or artists with an interest in the Mission.
● Meet a minimum of four (4) times per year .
● Publish advance notice of its meetings and its minutes on the PF/PCA website.
● Identify and elect future Artist Committee members from within and outside PF/PCA who will
support PF/PCA mission and contribute to growth and sustainability of the organization.
3. Provide feedback to the Staff and Board of PF/PCA in order to better serve our mission. Tasks to
achieve this goal are:
● Gather feedback and ideas from key stakeholders
● Help inform the strategic vision of the organization
● Provide a written report of recommendations to the Board of Directors for presentation by the Board
Vice President.
4. Integrate PF/PCA into the larger arts community in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. Two tasks in
this regard are:
● Participate and Network : Committee members become involved in events and happenings
sponsored by PF/PCA and other organizations to create new connections and maintain
relationships community wide.
● Develop and expand audience : Committee members reach out to people who will benefit from our
classes, exhibits, and artist services.
January 22, 2017

Calendar Of Events 2017

Monday January    2   The week of Jan 2nd Annual dues open

Monday January   9    A Fair in the Park applications open

Saturday February   11    Annual membership dues are due

Saturday February   18    New Member Screening

Sunday February    26    CGP Annual Membership Meeting

Friday March   10    A Fair in the Park applications due

Saturday March    11    New Member Screening snow date

Friday April   7    A Fair in the Park notifications sent

Wednesday September   6    A Fair in the Park – park set-up

Thursday September   7   A Fair in the Park – artist set-up

Friday September   8    A FAIR IN THE PARK

Saturday September   9   A FAIR IN THE PARK

Sunday September   10    A FAIR IN THE PARK

Sunday September    10    CGP Membership Meeting

Monday September    11   A Fair in the Park – park tear-down

October      New Member Screening ( date to be announced)

(dates are subject to change)

New Member

Please welcome the newest member of the Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh, Susan Corry.  Susan became a member though the Fall New Member Screening and works in metal.  We are thrilled to have her! 

The New Collective

Congratulations to the following Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh members who had a total of nine works accepted for The New Collective exhibition at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts:

Anders Anderson
Gerry Florida
Joan Iverson Goswell
Allison Jones
Jill Valenzuela

The exhibition will open on November 18, with a reception from 5:30-9:00pm.  Please come and view the works of 43 artists from seven Pittsburgh artist guilds and say a special congratulations to our Craftsmen's Guild members!

Carrie Nardini

The Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh is thrilled to announce our new Director for A Fair in the Park, Carrie Nardini!

Carrie Nardini is an artist organizer. A self-proclaimed "Market-ress" her work centers on creating opportunities for artists to launch and grow small businesses revolving around their unique talents. Carrie began crafting at a young age jumping from ceramics, to metals, to
glass and settled on creating jewelry in ways that wouldn't burn down the house. She was able to experience the pop up artisan market life in high school, partnering with a professional metalsmith who provided her with apprentice work and an introduction to selling to the public.
From there it was a constant - college work was as the manager of a bead department in a local shop resulting in creating more than 2,000 macraméd necklaces. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family and experiencing the ups and downs of self-employment helped to shape her sense of how a business's structure impacts more than just sales. So she completed the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh for additional theoretical and practical knowledge. When the opportunity arose to fill a need she saw in the Pittsburgh
community her first brand, I Made It! Market was launched and has now been providing opportunities for artists for nine years. Carrie has since developed the Neighborhood Flea brand and helped to launch the Cleveland Flea and Propelle and is the Fair Director for the Craftsmen's Guild's of Pittsburgh annual show, A Fair in the Park. She consults with emerging creative businesses in her spare time.

Important Dates

The week of January 11th  A Fair in the Park applications are online!  This year marks our first year for our applications to be 100% digital.  
If you have any questions or need help please let us know!

Saturday February 27th   New member screening at PCA for more information please visit

Sunday February 28th Annual Meeting at PCA.  We hope you will find the time to join us, it's a great way to connect and socialize with other members.  We will be introducing our newest members and we will be discussing the details of A Fair in the Park.

Saturday March 5th Postmark deadline for Craftsmen's Guild Dues

Friday March 11th  Deadline for applications

Friday April 8th     A Fair in the Park notifications are sent out

September 9,10,11th   A Fair in the Park Festival at Mellon Park


Special hotel rates for FIP artist vendors

With either hotel, reservations and payment will be made directly by the exhibitor.
Room rates are subject to local sales tax and occupancy taxes.
A credit card is required.
Special rates will only be honored until August book as soon as you can...each hotel has only 10 rooms reserved.  The regular rate will apply after August 10.
3315 Hamlet Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15213
10 rooms are blocked
Rate:  $129./nite (single or double)
Reservation Deadline:  After August 10, 2015, the regular rate applies
Reservation Name:  Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh (mention this when you make the reservation
          so you will get the discounted rate)
Rooms are available from Thursday (check-in) thru Monday (check-out)
Amenities:  Free hot breakfast daily
          Free parking for a vehicle taking 1 space;  multiple-space vehicles pay regular parking rate
          of $14/day.      
          Shuttle service available within 3 mi. radius (Mellon Park is within 3 miles)
Cancellations must be made 24 hrs. in advance to avoid penalty
3401 Blvd. of the Allies
Pittsburgh, PA  15213
10 rooms are blocked
Rate:  $109.65/nite (2 double beds) or $101.15/nite (1 Queen bed)
Reservation Deadline:  After August 10,2015, the regular rate applies
Reservation Name:  CGP (mention this when you make the reservation so you will get the
          discounted rate)
Rooms are available from Thursday (check-in) thru Monday (check-out)
Amenities:  No breakfast, but Panera is in the building
          Free parking
Cancellations must be made by 6 PM day of arrival to avoid penalty
Also...we need more hosts for exhibitors...namely couples.  If any exhibitor can host another
          exhibitor/s for the show...please contact Rebecca Noble at:
This about does it!  If you have any questions, you can e-mail me or call 412.441.6122 (home and studio) or 412.580.5498 (cell).
Thanks!!    Rebecca Jane Noble

Congratulations Gerry Florida!

To All My Friends and Supporters:

It was with great surprise and honor to be recognized and honored by Champion Enterprises and Five Star Corporation as one of the regions "Women Champions 2013". This honor pertains to my work as a disabled woman artist, an art/jewelry instructor as well as an artist volunteer through the years, working with at-risk and disadvantaged youth, disabled individuals, adults and seniors through organizations such as the: United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania; Shuman Juvenile Detention Center; Citizen Care; Spectrum Charter School; Propel School; Family Resources / The Beverly Jewel Lovelace Program; Carnegie Mellon University; Community College of Allegheny County as well as numerous other community based senior service centers and community nonprofit arts organizations such as the Society for Contemporary Craft and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. As a proud member and award winning artist of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, The Pittsburgh Craftsmen's Guild and the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, I have had many more opportunities to realize my passions in blending communities through art. I have also recently been invited to represented Shuman Juvenile Detention Center's Title I After School Program as the newest member of the Community Relations Team. I am very proud of this important opportunity and my future involvement in helping to promote a healthy understanding of the needs and abilities of the population this organization proudly serves.

I thank each of you for encouraging me through my many idealistic and wild ideas and providing so many opportunities to meet so many wonderful individuals who have brought peace and purpose into my own life.



Letter Follows:
April 15, 2013
Dear Gerry Florida,
It is with great honor, and pride, to inform you that you have been selected to be honored as one of this region's Women Champions 2013. Your outstanding work in the community has not gone unnoticed. You have given so that those less fortunate can have. You have created, molded, and shaped pathways for the youth in our communities. You have given hope to countless women who had no voice or advocate to speak for them. You have encouraged many to take charge of their own health. You have shown thousands of young children to embrace the arts. You have shown people across this country that beauty exists on the inside as well as on the outside. And you have demonstrated that through hard work, you too can do it.
Champion Enterprises, celebrating 38 years of service providing educational, recreational, social, and employment opportunities to the community, and Five Starr Corporation, wish to honor you. You, along with a few other amazing women, will be honored at the 38th annual Mother's Day Luncheon Awards, celebrating women on Saturday, May 11, 2013 beginning at 2:00 pm. The location of this celebration will take place in the Sumpter Banquet Hall at St. James A.M.E. Church, 444 Lincoln Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA 15206.
Guests wishing to attend the luncheon may do so by purchasing tickets through Champion Enterprises at (412)628-4856. Purchasing tickets in advance are encouraged as seating is limited. Tickets are available for $30.00 in advance and $40.00 at the door (if available).
Congratulations Champion!
Champions Aren't Born. They're Made
Through Desire
And Dedication!!
William R. Neal, Jr., CEO
Champion Enterprises
Event 2013 Coordinator, Rita Gregory