The Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh is proud to be a community of members who create fine arts and crafts throughout a rich and varied range of media.  Although the work of each artisan is unique, we have catalogued the prodigious output of our membership into eight media categories.  We hope this will facilitate the process of searching for and identifying what most engages your interest.  Highlighted names indicate members for whom we have photo images of work.  Simply click on the name to view these images.

Please be assured that the works of all our members are conceived, designed and handcrafted by the artist.

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Guild Members  


Anders & Eileen Anderson
Malia Bennett
Robert Bishop

Connie Blair
Thomas Bothe
Cheryl Brooks
Janet Brum
Barbara Campbell
Erin Carlson
Kathryn Carr
Susan Corry
Valda Cox
Christy Culp
Lorraine Dallas
Adina DeRoy-Stouffer

Kathy Dinsmore
Holly Dobkin
Diana Dugina
Linda Dujmic
William Elwood
Pat Falbo
Peter Fisher

Edric Florence
Gerry Florida
Bill Foglia
Barbara Ford
Allison Glancey
Juliane Gorman
Joan Iverson Goswell

Mark Guanson
Mitzi Hall



Kyle Hallam
Mary Hamilton

Justin Harvilla
Sharon Lee Hanse

Betty Hedman
Donn Hedman

Barbara Hoberman
Carole Hodes
Richard Horner
Karen Howell
Betsy Huffman
Dale Huffman
Jayson Jackson
Jan Jay
Paul Jay
Fran Jolly
Allison Jones
Don Jones
Leslie Kaplan
Stanley Klein
Sandra Klink

Joy Knepp
Carolyn Kohut
Ron Korczynski
Gwen Korvick
Lisa Marie Kotchey

Anita Kozinko
Karen Krieger
Maria Paul Kyros
Dorothy Lampl
Vi Laux
Laurie Leonard
Stephanie Lind
Beth Magyan
Michael Mangiafico

Fuyoko Matsabara
Karen McKee
Olga Mihaylova
Mark Mooney



Thomas Morris
Jeffrey Moyer
Jamie Murphy
Rebecca Jane Noble
Donna Penoyer
Susan Phillips
Bernie Pintar
Ron Pivovar
Susan Radford
Artie Reitmeyer
Robert Riffe
Evy Rogers
Tim Roth
Jeanne Russell
Michelle Sabol
Liz Sabol
Greg Savage
Laura Schlesinger
David Schwartzmiller

Jimmy Sherburne

Paul Sirofchuck
Nancy Smeltzer
Linda Sorcie Smith
Michele Soyka-Horosko
Michael Stephens

Katherine Stone
Ceil Sturdevant

Melissa Sullivan
Rob Szakelyhidi

Amy Toohey
Alyssa Truckenbrod

Jenna Vanden Brink
Daniel Vito
George Wazenegger
Stewart & Susan Webb
Jill Whitaker
Diane Wilson
Jim & Linda Winegar
Amanda Wolf
Cheri Yarnell
Francine Zajac
Edward Zembruzuski
Sergey Zlotnikov