The Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh is defined not only by the highest standards of craftsmanship, but also by the diversity and artistic integrity of its members. What we must recognize is that these qualities did not arise in a vacuum; they are cherished and nurtured and passed on from one generation of makers to the next. Neither does the arts community exist in a vacuum, nor can it be sustained without the support of our fellows in the greater community. The appreciative awareness and dedication that drives this process must also be passed on from one generation to the next. Thus education is essential, not only for training new artists, but also for cultivating those sensibilities in the general public that allow the arts to thrive.

Recognizing this simple truth is at the heart of the Guild's educational mission. We take the view that it is better to lead from the front, and it is up to us in the arts community to set both the example and the standard for art education in the greater community of which we are also members. We have reaffirmed our commitment to these objectives, and we are now poised to pursue this extremely vital aspect of our mission with renewed vigor.

We in the CGP believe that a particularly effective approach to art education is community outreach: going out into the neighborhoods, rather than compelling the neighborhoods to come to us. In late 2014/early 2015, we took our first decisive step in bringing this intent to fruition. Working closely with our good friends and colleagues at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, the CGP, for the first time ever, sponsored a Resident Artist program, in this case at the Morrow School, the Northside, Pittsburgh. The Guild also sponsored a field trip to the PCA, where the children were greeted by CGP President Lisa Platt. See below for images and additional details.

Other educational and community outreach projects are currently in the planning stages. In addition to the PCA, the CGP will be working with other, similarly minded, organizations in both the city and the region, including the Union Project and the Touchstone Center for Crafts. We shall update this page as we progress.

Thus far we have undertaken this mission utilizing only our own resources, both human and fiscal. As indicated above, we wish to lead from the front and demonstrate that we are both able and willing to set this process into motion by our own efforts. As time goes on, however, and the range of programs expands, we shall seek, most respectfully, the additional support of allies who also share this vision. We anticipate that this support will manifest through grants and sponsorships. And on an individual level, any contribution you are able to make, however large or small, will be greatly appreciated and put to the best possible use. Thank you.