Our Board of Directors 

The Guild is run by a board comprised of volunteers from the membership.  We are always looking for members who are willing to give their time to serve the organization in the role of board member.  We are also always looking for members to serve on various committees which are tasked with things such as updating the website, sending newsletters, planning social events, coordinating exhibitions, and many aspects of A Fair in the Park.   Click here if you are interested in serving on the Board or on a Committee.

President, Karen McKee


Vice President, Rebecca Noble

New Members, Laurie Leonard


Laurie has been making jewelry using miniature reproductions of her original watercolor paintings since 2008.  She had much success selling her watercolors for 25 years before that. 

Most of the settings are cast in pewter from her original designs that she sculpted out of an air dry clay.   She also likes to mix metals and make settings out of unusual ‘found’ objects like vintage keys and pocket watches (like ‘Time for Edgar’).  After she places the miniature reproduction of her artwork in the setting, she covers it with a fine jewelry grade resin to protect the image.

Treasurer, Diane Wilson


As with the artists of the European Art Nouveau and American Arts & Crafts movements of the early 20th century, I have always been strongly drawn to and inspired by, the beauty and sensuous lines found in nature and the symbolic art of ancient cultures.

After initial ceramics instruction at Grossmont College in San Diego, California, I began incorporating minerals and beads with clay in order to develop my own jewelry style.  I have been creating my porcelain jewelry since 1989.

Beginning with smooth, white porcelain clay, I roll out thin slabs that are textured using a variety of objects, inluding leaves, fossils, textiles, and antique buttons.  The clay is then hand-formed into jewelry pieces and allowed to air dry before being fired in my electric kiln.  After the bisque firing, a series of commercial under-glazes, glazes, and over-glaze lusters are applied, and the pieces are fired an additional three times, at temperatures ranging from cone 018 to cone 6.

After the glazing and firing process I embellish many pieces with beautiful beads made of Swarovski crystal, Czech glass, or semi-precious stones.  Some special pieces also incorporate minerals such as quartz crystal, amethyst, tourmaline, garnets, and pearls.

Kathryn Carr


Cut paper art is Kathryn Carr's artistic passion. She is drawn to the bold imagery of the silhouette and the intriguing shadows they cast. It is an art form that allows her to create a wide range of subject matter as well as being able to implement the art into many other mediums and products. Her whimsical designs begin by sketching an idea and giving it a sense of movement and playfulness.  She will then draw the image on the back of the paper that is to be cut.    Using a scissor or knife blade she carefully cuts away the paper to reveal the image.

She is self taught in this discipline and is inspired by the traditional German form of paper cutting called scherenschnitte  (shear- n- SNIT-a)  She hopes to inspire others to explore this medium by teaching classes and giving lectures.

Her work can be found in many various galleries locally and internationally.


Quality and Standards, Artie Reitmeyer


 Janet Brum


Secretary, Jamie Murphy