The Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh is one of the region’s most venerable and respected arts organizations.  The Guild was founded in 1944 and has been a resident member guild of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts for over 50 years.  Our membership spans a diverse and talented array of approximately 150 skilled artists and craftspeople.  The Guild’s signature event is one of Pittsburgh’s premier arts festivals: A Fair in the Park, held annually in September in Mellon Park, Shadyside.  The Fair features about 100 fine artists/craftspeople from both the region and from throughout the country.  Exhibitors are held to rigorous standards, and accepted applicants are required to have made all the work presented themselves.  In addition, the Guild sponsors and promotes, both independently and in cooperation with its sister organizations (such as the PF/PCA and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust), a number of other shows and exhibitions. 

The primary Mission of the Guild is twofold: 1) to act as an interface between craftsmen and the general public, whereby the Guild will inform and acquaint the public with the work and methodologies of craftsmen; 2) to develop and preserve excellence in craftsmanship in the region served by the Guild.  To fulfill this Mission, the Guild will encourage and promote the highest standards of craftsmanship and artistry among its members, and in all events and affiliations associated with the Guild.  These standards will be assiduously maintained through all aspects of the Program; also any opportunity to provide growth-nurturing instruction, mentoring or guidance / assistance to both members and the general community will be vigorously pursued.

It is recognized that the sale of works is essential for craftsmen to sustain themselves and their craft; this will be facilitated both by energetic promotion and by providing venues for craftsmen to exhibit their work.